Monday, January 14, 2013

Inside Out

When I visit my parents home, it is a treat to go walking with my sister, Clytie.  We often visit the woods of our childhood and sometimes, when weather allows--we walk through The Abandoned.  However, since Dad died just before Thanksgiving, I have not had the privilege of walking here.  This was from my first visit here in a long time.  A LOT of change has taken place over the past three months.

Here is a shot of what was once the inside of the building--now outside.  It is hard to get one's bearings, especially since the more familiar graffiti pieces were obscured by the staff of Grimm.  These are more of their fanciful designs.   It is mystifying to try to figure out where things once were and to get one's bearings within these broken buildings.

That high window once looked out over the inside of the building.  I believe it was the children's classrooms.

I liked this window with it's floating piece of stone.  There's something magical about this photo.  It is an interesting study of beauty and destruction.  There will always be a bit of magic permeating this landscape--even when the buildings are gone.

WARNING: With the demolition of these buildings, The Abandoned is especially dangerous.  Those who come here without permission risk arrest for trespassing.

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