Saturday, June 4, 2016

The New Abandoned

When I visited Mumsie, I was taken aback by these houses.  They hadn't been there a month or so before.  They are like mushrooms, springing up everywhere.  What once was abandoned, is now a swanky neighborhood.  Still--the houses are so close together, one could nearly shake hands with one's neighbor through the windows!

Above you see what it looked like after demolition.

Above you see what the inside of the huge main building that once stood where all these houses have sprouted.  I miss its mystery.  

I call these new homes Mushroom Houses.  You would not believe how quickly these hones go up.  It is just extraordinary. I question whether or not they are built well.  I've seen the construction, and I really wonder about that.  I have a feeling this neighborhood would not do well in a storm.