Monday, January 7, 2013

The Magic Lives On

Yesterday I visited The Abandoned for the first time in months.  Sissy and I were in awe of the demolition taking place.  Everywhere there is twisted wreckage and broken walls.  Though the main structure is still mostly intact, I was amazed to see how much land had been revealed.  The complex is HUGE.

One can still peak through a window from the outside to the inside--to see the work of graffiti artists.  I loved this contrast of winter grasses and swirled blue.

This is another example of fabulous graffiti art from the television show, Grimm.  How truly fun to see a smiling face perched behind piles of twisted metal and rubble.  An inside wall, now on the outside.  Amazing.  This funny face made me laugh.

The magic of The Abandoned still lives.  Even when it is gone, the ghosts of memories will persist. 

WARNING: With the demolition of these buildings, The Abandoned is especially dangerous. You shouldn't visit The Abandoned without permission from the owner or caretaker. If you do, you risk getting arrested for trespassing.

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