Saturday, December 23, 2017

Fairy Home in the Forest

This was taken last Fall, I believe.  I am grateful for the trails which trace through the ancient forests--all that are left of the forests I roamed as a child.

This is a little fairy house I saw in an ancient stump there. 

Merry Christmas dear Friends.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Enchanted Forest -Outdoor Wednesday

Just a little over a year ago, an out-of-towner purchased the forests of my childhood.  He clear cut the entire thing, destroying the habitat of many endangered species.  Why that was allowed is still baffling to me.

It was an enchanted place, where mystery and beauty held hands.

The creek in the canyon was spared--with 50 feet of forest to be left on each side as green space.  However some of the woodlands where I played as a child have been saved.  I am thankful to the City of Wilsonville for its preservation of some of that area as a park protecting the old growth trees there.

I still miss walking the forests--but I have these pictures and all those wonderful memories.  My childhood was wonderful.  We spent hours and days playing in that enchanted forest.  It makes me smile to remember.  

Have a great rest of the week and happy Outdoor Wednesday.

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