Monday, February 7, 2011

Inside Out

I love to walk here with my sister (she has permission to be on the property).  Because of the "tweekers" who come to pillage wire and other salvageable items from the buildings, it is best never to walk here alone. 

Standing inside The Abandoned on an upstairs balcony, looking over what once was a cafeteria, it is eery to view light fixtures hanging from the inside, with no barrier to the world outside.  Great windows once stood here, until vandals smashed them to pieces.

I found a huddle of bright fabric puddled against cement and broken glass.  The curtains once covered those huge windows.

The last time I visited there, Sissy and I found this gigantic pile of debris.  Shockingly, the graffiti covered walls and empty rooms are gone.  The Abandoned is being systematically stripped to its bones. 

It is a good thing this wonderful building has such fabulous bone structure!

I am so happy to see the owners of this property are finally cleaning and maintaining this amazing complex of buildings.  I will post more photos as the clean up progresses.

WARNING:  If you visit The Abandoned, be sure to get permission from the owner, or caretaker before you come, otherwise you risk getting arrested for trespassing.

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Clytie said...

I LOVE the curtain shot! It's fantastic! I still remember seeing those curtains hanging against the windows ... and yet it's good that clean-up has commenced. Finally.