Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tree and Thistle - Shadow Shot Sunday

One can feel summer's illusive ending in this photo--there is a sense of poignant change, of nostalgia lingering in the shadows.  The crickets are chirping and buzzing--it is warm, yet in the shade where the sun's rays flee away, there is an edgy coolness--the promise of Fall and Winter to come, to The Abandoned.

For more incredible shadow shots, visit Harriet for Shadow Shot Sunday.

NOTE: If you intend to visit The Abandoned, be sure to get permission from the owners first. If you do not have permission, you may be arrested for trespassing.


Dani said...

Such an delightful post.

Thank you, Beth.

Anonymous said...

A lovely shadow shot. There ia a noticeable coolness in the early morning air now - we are definitely in late summer!

Spadoman said...

First time I landed here. I found you through the Shadow Shot blogroll on Hey Harriet. Yopu are not the first to mention Fall, and it's only the first og August.( Of course our friends in OZ are waiting for Summer). I've seen row upon row of Sumac, all red already, in the river bottoms along the Mississippi in Iowa, and that was a week ago.
Nice capture. Mine this wek are similar in the fact that they are of nature and what nature makes of shadows.


Manang Kim said...

I also notice yesterday about a little change I saw one leaf fall. I say to myself fall is coming to town. ^_^

Yellow Dahlia

anka said...

The delicate shadows on the green leaves look really nice.
Have a great week!

Limar said...

A beautiful photo, looks so serene :)

Clytie said...

I recognize that spot - you captured it well. You're right - there is an edge to the air ... a feeling of fall ... Sigh.