Monday, August 2, 2010

Artists of The Abandoned

This amazing new piece of artwork was titled " Project Mayhem" and was painted at the bottom of The Abandon's empty pool.

Sissy caught a picture of me as I took a closer look.  There's a feeling of magic echoing through the room.

Here's a view of what I was seeing.

There were other pieces of art on those walls.  This one says, "Reveal."

On another wall, we see a graceful rendition of the name, "Tech."

Above is another photo of the incredible artwork we found in the main auditorium.  It says, "Save the Dream."  This piece was done a few months ago.  I find it interesting that others who graffiti obscene things in this place have not touched these marvelous pieces.  Perhaps they recognize the true artistry found here.  I wish there were a way to save them.

What is it about The Abandoned which draws a person to it?  Perhaps it is the utter beauty, desolation, hope and brokenness found there.  It seems it might be somewhat like walking through the halls of old Rome--these abandoned beautiful ruins.

NOTE: If you intend to visit The Abandoned, be sure to get permission from the owners first. If you do not have permission you may face arrest and prosecution for trespassing.

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Clytie said...

Oh sissie! What beautiful pictures. I agree with the feeling at The Abandoned. Such beauty - such ugliness. I also find it amazing that these works of art haven't been painted over or even touched by the vandals that have destroyed almost everything else.