Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heart in Fence Post -Guest Heart Thursday

Can you see the heart here?  This is a part of an old fence post found along the road, which once protected the forests surrounding The Abandoned.  I have not walked there with my Sissy for some time.  I am  not sure what I will see once I do--all that is left of the buildings are huge piles of ground up debris.

I am grateful the beauty of the forest still stands...for now.

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Clytie said...

I see a heart on the upper right side! Sad to say this old fence post is now gone. As is most everything else at The Abandoned. They have just approved a "master plan" for 113 "upscale" homes, most on "large to medium" lots. No row houses, no apartments, no shopping centers. Just rich people houses. Sigh.

cyclist said...

I want to thank you for really seeing all the love in this area, more homes why? can we leave our natural areas alone to be free.



cyclist said...

I want to thank you for seeing all the love in that area, more homes why? we need to leave the forest alone to be free.

Does Wilsonville make the right choices?... hmm I remember taking my
girls out there when walking it will
be in their hearts forever I know it.

Joe raising my family in Wilsonville