Friday, August 2, 2013

Reflections -Guest Heart Thursday

All that is left of The Abandoned are giant hills of rubble.  Each day huge metal bins are filled with debris and removed from this once magical place.

This may be one of the last entries I make on this blog, simply because The Abandoned is no longer in existence.  The surrounding forests still hold their magic--but I wonder for how long?

Will the old growth forests be destroyed in the name of progress?  Or sheer ignorance?  The woods is filled with native plants no one sees anymore.   Perhaps my next task will be to document the forest to keep a record of what was once there.  Unfortunately, people are the forest's worst enemy.

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Clytie said...

I too wonder. These people have no idea what they are doing when they "clean up" the forest - they take out the underbrush, which kills the shade-loving plants. What grows back is invasive ivy, blackberries, thistles and the new threat - Herb Robert. The barn owls no longer have brush to hide in and have been killed by the other owls. Sigh. The once beautiful and healthy woods at The (former) Abandoned is sickly and failing fast. Drat these people who think they know everything.