Friday, March 15, 2013

Enter here little Ghostie

I was going through some photographs from my last walk with Sissie, when I discovered this interesting picture.  As you can see--there's a little ghostie in the middle at the bottom of the photo.  Brrrr....  (grin)  It was not shining full sunlight, so I found its presence to be interesting.

Looks like the Shadow People are still out and about!

Have a beautiful day.

WARNING: If you visit The Abandoned without permission, you risk getting arrested for trespassing. Please be careful.  Since the buildings have been demolished, some people question the presence of surveillance cameras. Don't assume there aren't cameras in place. Individuals who come onto the property without permission, should know the owners are VERY serious about identifying trespassers.   

1 comment:

Clytie said...

Hmmmmmm, makes ya wonder, doesn't it???