Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grimm In The Abandoned (Warehouse, that is...)

Almost everyone has heard of Grimm, a national series in its second season, shot in Oregon, airing on Friday nights.  It is an interesting tale, all about werewolves and other such supernatural beings who live undetected among us.  Nick, the Grimm can see through the disguises of these creatures and chases the bad guys down.  The Abandoned, of course, is the perfect foil for an episode set in an abandoned warehouse.

Sissy called to laugh over how much our family had enjoyed listening to howling in the woods, then shots fired, more howling in various places and more spats of gunfire.  It was a wonderful distraction, as we have all been so worried about Dad.  She said people all over the neighborhood were calling 911 to report the ruckus.  I was sorry I missed the action that night.

When I pulled into our parents' driveway last week, I was astonished to note two of the series' Stars standing under the oak tree at the end of our uncle's driveway.  That was rather exciting.  I pretended I didn't see them.  Folks who are well-known don't like to be noticed.

After I returned from Portland that day, I stayed around a little while.  As soon as it was dark, howling in the woods commenced.  What fun!  Then spats of what sounded like machine guns firing.

The picture above was taken from the driveway and is of a boom hanging over the scene they were shooting.  There is a man in the boom, operating lights and perhaps cameras.

Here is a closeup.  If you look at the enlarged photo you can almost see the boom operator.

Above is one of the trailers they brought in for the comfort of the stars.

The lighting shining through the trees along the road was awesome.  What an adventure to be so close to an actual film shoot.

A few days later, they packed up nearly everything and left. 

Episode 214, Natural Born Wesen, including green toxic sludge, will be airing in January, or February. 

From the script, this seems to be a fascinating story complete with supernatural bad guys and powerful good guys--along with some spectacularly noisy special effects.

Of course, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to discover there are real monsters inhabiting the mysterious region of The Abandoned.

We also heard some wonderful news yesterday.  Word was the owners of The Abandoned would be tearing down this wonderful place starting November 1st.  We were excited to discover they will not be pulling the buildings down just yet. 

WARNING: You shouldn't visit The Abandoned without permission from the owner or caretaker. If you do, you risk getting arrested for trespassing.

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