Friday, September 10, 2010

Reflection Revealed in The Abandoned

Inside the dark hallways of The Abandoned, bright columns, through which Children once entered their classrooms, are now festooned with Graffiti.  A soft blue reflects onto the dark ceilings.  A curiously beautiful word, Reveal, creates a certain spiked harmony as it sprawls down the curved yellow paint.

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WARNING: Anyone wishing to visit The Abandoned, must have permission from the owners first. If you do not have permission, you may be arrested and prosecuted for trespassing.


Perry said...

Cool column. I like the blue too. Here is my entry.

'Tsuki said...

Une mise en abyme graphique de toute beauté... J'aime particulièrement l'étrange effet de lumière sous le fronton.

Dani said...

Interesting composition, Beth.


James said...

The colors, the shapes and the angle all come together to make a wonderful picture.

jeff campbell said...

Dear Beth...another intriguing post on the "Abandoned"...I so love this...wish I could visit...Peace