Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Gruesome and The Gorgeous

One can find all sorts of exotic flowerings along the overgrown roads and paths of The Abandoned. These blossoms were especially beautiful.

Further on Sissy and I discovered this red smoke tree overtaking this graceful twirl of stone stairs.

The tree seemed almost nonchalant, as it rested on it's elbows, to peek over the railing.

The back of this enormous building seemed foreboding...

Once inside Sissy and I discovered the magnificent fireplace had been stained with what looked like blood.  There seemed to be a heavy darkness in the air.  Why would someone do this?

Back outside in the sunny parking lot, we both felt released from the darkness we had found in the bowels of The Abandoned.

The innocence of a flock of small birds were a delight to the eye and food for the soul. 

I stood for a moment, wondering.  Is there hope for The Abandoned?  One can only dream about such things.

NOTE: If you intend to visit The Abandoned, be sure to get permission from the owners first. If you do not have permission and are caught, you will be arrested and prosecuted for trespassing.


Anonymous said...

What a shame things like this are just left to rot. Surely someone could use the place. But the taxes on it might be so high the average guy can't afford it.

Clytie said...

Wow. Times may be a-changing for "The Abandoned". The 'new owners' closed on the property last week, and have been converging on the place every couple of days. I hope they will be able to stem the tide of destruction, while preserving what beauty remains.

Melinda said...

I hate to wonder where they got the blood