Thursday, February 6, 2014

Honeysuckle Leaf Hearts -Guest Heart Thursday

As I type these words, it is snowing outside.  It has been snowing all day long.  This winter storm is one they say is more like a January snowstorm, here in the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon.  It has only snowed once this comparison to the rest of the country, which has been locked into a snowy deep freeze.

These are the blooms of honeysuckle from the forests of my childhood, tucked in amidst the hazelnut trees.  I have some very special memories involving these wonderful vines.  I've seen them twirling up the side of a gigantic fir tree to swing fragrant blossoms overhead.

But by far my favorite memories are from when my brothers and sisters and I would make hallways and rooms by tying and twining the branches of the hazelnut limbs together.  The honeysuckles would grow up and throughout the walls of our magical play place.  These memories are lovely to my heart.  I can still feel the grass beneath me, the crickets singing there in those fragrant rooms.

Have a beautiful day and Happy Guest Heart Thursday!

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Laura said...

we have so much snow on our roof… today we should have some good melting with the sun so bright.