Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In the Woodlands

The old maples found in canyons surrounding The Abandoned are spectacular.  I often wonder about the things they may have seen over the hundreds of years they have been growing here.

There are enchanted stumps in these forests.  This one looks as like a doorway into an enchanted castle.

And here a window in what is obviously a fairy condo.

This lovely green thistle grew along the road just before the path to Deer Valley.  What a magical place.  I often think of the privilege we had as children--living here, playing here...what a beautiful place for imaginative children to live and play.

WARNING: You shouldn't visit The Abandoned without permission from the owner or caretaker. If you do, you risk getting arrested for trespassing.

1 comment:

Clytie said...

Isn't nature amazing? What an enchanting childhood we had!

I do, I do, I DO believe in fairies!!!