Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vandalism in The Abandoned

I just received a personal phone call from one of the new owners of The Abandoned.  He was furious because last weekend, yet again, someone had broken a door in, to gain access to items stored in one of the smaller buildings used for storage (whoever you are, I hope they get you).   I can understand his frustration.  I also feel tremendous frustration and anger at what vandals have done to this mysterious place.  These uncalled for acts of vandalism are outrageous and disrespectful.

You who have shattered windows, broken into buildings, punched out walls, battered down doors, tossed bricks through skylights, left piles of your garbage, tore down fixtures, set fire to the Gazebo and debris piles inside, etc., etc., are ruining the beauty and mystery of this place.  SHAME ON YOU!

The unfair part is, this owner says he believes pictures I have posted here on my blog, have somehow caused some of you to believe you can come to The Abandoned to vandalize it.  I would NEVER condone such a thing.  I've known and loved this place since its beginning -- to think this could actually be true is heart-breaking to me.   

One of the reasons I started this blog years ago, was because no one seemed to care what happened to The Abandoned.  

Well, now someone does. 

To those who seek to destroy property here, you should know that besides the huge No Trespassing signs, NW Demolition has recently installed electronic surveillance cameras to capture the likenesses of those who would continue to do damage to the property.  There is a full-time caretaker who lives on the property, as well as a constant police presence.

To the Artists of The Abandoned, including musicians and film makers:  I love what you do -- the beautiful things you've created are an integral part of the magic of this amazing place.

You talented folks are NOT included in the tirade above--Only please be sure to get permission from either the caretakers, or the owners before you go in, otherwise you might face the very real possibility of being arrested for trespassing.

NOTE:  Though I appreciate the individuals who've written me to ask permission to visit The Abandoned, I do not, nor ever have had, the power to grant access to this wonderful place.  Those who have told police that I gave them permission to visit the property and buildings, are lying. 

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Clytie said...

I have to agree ... shame on these horrible people who don't have the brains to realize that just because a building is "abandoned" doesn't mean it's not OWNED. This is the United States of America - and people need to realize that there is not one square inch of this country that is not owned by someone!!! When someone does harm to another person's property, then in my opinion they deserve to have their own property treated the same way. Unfortunately this property seems to attract idiots who are ruining it for everyone. This has been going on since the "church" left - and the ruin began. I feel sorry for the new owners who are trying so hard to clean up the mess left from the previous ones who let it get this way. Sigh.