Monday, October 10, 2011

Tunnel Entrance

Upstairs there is an empty elevator shaft, seen here on the left.

A floor below, cloaked in the darkness, just past where the elevator still hangs motionless against the floor...

...One can find an entrance to one of the hidden tunnels which still exist in The Abandoned.  Today there is no access.  You can see where vandals have tried to pry up a bolted sheet of metal placed there to keep them out.  So far, the vandals have been unsuccessful. 

There are rumors of another tunnel entrance which once connected with the old Dammasch State Hospital.  My Dad worked there as an aide years ago--he has told us the rumors are true, but I have never found it.

Such a strange, mysterious place, filled with hidden stories and odd bits of magic.

WARNING: Think twice about visiting The Abandoned without permission. You risk getting arrested for trespassing.

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